Metal Light



Our Hyperpearlescent Decorative Paint is the ideal choice for tinting Atmosfere and creating beautiful glazes.

Packaging: 2.5-liter bucket.

Choose our Hyperpearlescent Decorative Paint to add a touch of brilliance and create extraordinary effects in your decorations.



Metal Light Pearlescent Decorative Paint, what is it?

Metal Light Pearlescent Decorative Paint is a type of decorative paint that is perfect for enhancing the interior walls of your home.

What can it be applied to?

This paint is ideal for decorating a wide range of materials, such as plastic, special coatings, inks, and more. Additionally, it is perfect for tinting Atmosfere and creating beautiful glazes.


The product is packaged in a 2.5-liter bucket, providing a sufficient quantity for your decoration needs.

You can order the product directly online, and we guarantee shipping to all countries in the European Union.

Add a touch of light and brilliance to your walls with our Metal Light Pearlescent Decorative Paint.


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