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Marmorino 300 is a decorative product for finishes that allows you to decorate walls with a stunning marble effect.

Distinctive features of Marmorino

Marmorino is a decorative stucco style specifically designed to imitate marble, creating the illusion that a marble slab is directly placed on the wall.

History of Marmorino as a decorative style

In the past, Marmorino was artistically used to decorate prestigious palaces and villas.

Composition and application of the product

Marmorino 300 is a mixture of lime plaster and marble powder. Its traditional and simple composition poses no threat to health, as it is entirely natural.

You can apply Marmorino 300 on fresh plaster so that carbonation of the support occurs simultaneously with the finishing. If the support is already seasoned, you can moisten it to facilitate the chemical-physical process.

When the product bonds with the support, it creates a harmonious union, enhancing a finish where art and aesthetics blend together.

You can order the product directly online, and we guarantee shipping to all countries in the European Union.


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