Lime with Minerals.

Perfect for creating fascinating textured effects.

Available Size: 24 kg bucket.



Are you curious about Atmosfere?

Atmosfere is a product available in Antonio Liso’s online shop, specifically designed to create a satin-finish skim coat on both interior and exterior surfaces.

Application Features of the Product

Atmosfere is particularly suitable for providing a satin-finish skim coat effect to plaster surfaces.

Advantages of Applying the Product

Highly breathable for both interior and exterior walls.

Ideal for creating textured effects.

Easy adhesion to any type of surface.

Product Features

The compound is packaged in a 24 kg bucket and consists of a combination of marble powders of various grain sizes, lime plaster, and other special additives that facilitate its adhesion to any type of substrate.

You can order the product directly online, and we guarantee shipping to all countries in the European Union.



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